Shelley Gillespie – April 9, 2015



Communication – Modes, Meaning and the Future – download

Award-winning journalist, author and trainer Shelley Gillespie will explore communication modes, meaning and the future of communicating.

  • Do we have clarity?
  • Does one-size-fit-all?
  • Are reading, writing and ‘rithmetic lost arts?

Communication has dramatically changed in less than a decade.  Are our messages real, informative and memorable? Can we truly communicate?

…A perspective on the message and how we communicate.


Shelley Gillespie

Award-winning journalist, writer, marketing consultant, educator, trainer, and speaker, Book Writing Success Coach Shelley Gillespie assists businesses and authors with their writing and communication projects.

As a writing consultant, she assisted in raising $9.3 million dollars for a non-profit and saved a community $5 million annually.  A young man who was uncomfortable with writing overcame that problem by working with Shelley. He’s now a Fulbright Scholar.

While her job titles have included reporter, editor, marketing director, ghostwriter, training director and author, her most prophetic job title was “Problem Solver,” which now defines her work with clients and authors.

She has served as a volunteer for Maricopa Friends of the Library, Pinal County Open Space and Trails Committee, Girl Scouts, United Way, Habitat for Humanity, American Heart Association, Boy Scouts and others.