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8/8/19 – Stress Management – Jennifer Emperador

Jennifer Emperador is a Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner and founder of Sol Discovery. She also serves as an EFT and Workshops & Group Facilitation instructor at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. She has taught several personal growth workshops and retreats and has served as a volunteer at a local woman’s recovery center.

She has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Sociology and is a certified Life Coach, 200 Hour Yoga Teacher, Yoga Nidra and Advanced Yoga Nidra, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Mindfulness Guided Imagery Facilitator, EFT Practitioner and Reiki Master. 

As a Trauma-Sensitive Practitioner she takes on a wholeness approach to healing trauma. By turning her own wounds into wisdom, she has helped her clients reclaim their lives through the integration of emotional regulation, yoga, energy work, hypnotherapy, sound healing, mindfulness and somatic psychotherapy techniques. Jennifer’s personal journey of healing from developmental and complex trauma has helped her create a different relationship with what has happened in the past. Her mantra, “I own my life” drives her deep passion for working with people who have experienced a similar journey of trauma, addictions, abusive relationships, eating disorders and feelings of low self-worth. Her heart-centered approach allows her clients to be fully seen so that they can finally recognize and appreciate their wholeness and live an empowered life.

7/25/19 – Cruches for Africa – Sandra Franco

Crutches4Africa collects used and surplus mobility devices, ships them to developing countries, and distributes them for free to people with physical challenges. The ambassador to Kenya program aims to help further Rotary’s goal of helping create youth leaders by having students travel to Kenya to distribute the devices.